zara carpenter  



posted: 2017-08-14

country: england

bio: zara is a creative based in rochester, kent, england. co-founder of Sick! a contemporary art project encouraging a dialogue about life with invisible illness through a fine art exhibition, workshops, a magazine and a blog. zara's work covers a range of mediums and technique, from sculptural pieces to print-making, poetry, millinery and music. zara has co-curated two exhibitions to date; Disquiet Beauty and Sick!


KUNST space

Kindle, Unite, Nurture & Stimulate Thought.

the sentences are a response to one of the neighbouring sentences.



the artist who takes part in the project believes that they are honest, have an independent voice and internal belief that they have something vital to give humanity.



contact if you fulfil the criteria and wish to respond to an artist who has a black border on a page older than two weeks.